Aaron Shust To Release New Album 'This Is What We Believe'

Jun 27 2011

Aaron Shust will release his new album 'This Is What We Believe' on 23rd August 2011. Produced by Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, Leeland, Chris August), the ten song album is Aaron's fourth full length studio album, following his 2009 album 'Take Over', and features the first single 'My Hope Is In You'.

"'This Is What We Believe' retains a poetic simplicity, even amidst a warm and sometimes adventurous sound architecture", says Centricity Music. "It's vintage Aaron Shust, to be sure, but with Cash at the helm, the familiar textures seem to fall together in new ways. The dynamic of that collective chemistry seems to have yielded Aaron's strongest collection of songs to date. The entire project feels seamless and intentional, including standout recordings like the hauntingly accessible 'My Hope Is In You' (written by April Geesbreght), and the lose-yourself-in-the-moment singability of 'Your Majesty'."

"Ed really pushed me out of my comfort zone," Aaron explains. "He could hear possibilities in the melodies and even in my voice that I hadn’t explored before. He had me singing more passionately, less precisely, higher, louder and even more quietly than I ever had before. And it worked. 'This Is What We Believe' is an honest reflection of who I am as an artist, but Ed managed to draw that out and express it in ways that never would have occurred to me. It was a great collaboration."

'This Is What We Believe' Track Listing:
01. This Is What We Believe
02. My Hope Is In You
03. Your Majesty
04. Risen Today
05. Sing of My Redeemer
06. Never Been A Greater Love
07. Greater Is He
08. Wondrous Love
09. We Are Free
10. God So Loved The World

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