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Last modified: 05 Mar 2012

Advertise On LTTM
Louder Than The Music is pleased to be able offer extremely competitive prices for our online advertising scheme. Placing an advert on LTTM is both cheap and easy, and we can have your advert up and running in a very quick time frame.

We offer a range of different advertising options, for different sizes and positions either on the LTTM website or within our regular newsletters.

With 45,000 page views per month on LTTM and 130,000 unique visitors per year (Google Analytics, Mar 2012), your advert will quickly be seen by a wide range of Christian music fans and industry insiders. LTTM has a global audience and attracts fans of many different genres and demographics.

Our flexible approach to advertising means we can tailor what we offer to meet your requirements.

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Note: LTTM reserves the right to reject any adverts
deemed not to be in the best interest of our audience.

Standard advert sizes:
Contact us for other sizes

Why should I advertise with LTTM?

With 45,000 page views per month and 130,000 unique visitors per year, you can guarantee your advert will be seen by a large demographic of people all over the world. You decide where your advert will link to, so you can get people to click through to your website of choice.

Isn't advertising expensive?

Not with us! At LTTM we want to make advertising accessible to every budget. We have great rates starting as low as £10/$15 per week, with many different options to suit any kind of artists or company, small or large. Wherever possible we try to be flexible, so let us know what you would like, and we will do our best to achieve it.

Who will see my advert?

LTTM has viewers from all over the world and from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. Your advert will be viewed by a wide international demographic. Many music industry insiders will see your advert as well.

Are you able to meet my advertising requirements?

If our standard advertising options aren't quite what you are looking for, just ask and we will be happy to discuss different options that will meet your needs.

Past advertising customers...
"LTTM have continued to give Black & White Live support whilst promoting an up-coming concert tour, their advertising opportunities worked for us as well as editorial support and news updates helping us to communicate with the artists fan base and further afield. I would utilise LTTM again for further projects."
Black and White Live - Promoters for Switchfoot European Tour

"As an independent artist I was really pleased to discover an affordable option of advertising my music ministry on a quality website such as Louder Than the Music"
Mariette Davina - International worship/cross-classical artist

Kingsway - International record label

Big Church Day Out - UK festival/event

Doxmedia - Digitial music aggregator

Tom + Olly - Independent British band

Elevation Music - UK record label

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