Jason Gray Releases Unique Remix EP 'Song Cycles'

Apr 08 2011

Jason Gray has released a new album titled 'Song Cycles' featuring remixes by well known producer and musician Derek Webb from the band Caedmon's Call. A limited run of only 2500 physical copies has been produced, but the album is also available now from the US iTunes and UK iTunes stores.

"The project will feature 4 songs and their journey from rough work tapes I recorded on my laptop, to demos I submitted to my label, to the album version, and finally the life they can take on their own as a completely re-imagined remix courtesy of Derek", explains Jason. For each of the four songs - 'More Like Falling In Love', 'Blessed Be', 'Jesus Use Me, I'm Yours' and 'I Am New' - the album includes four different versions, the worktape version, a demo, the album track and Derek's remixed version.

"This concept got me really excited", admits Jason. "As far as I know, this kind of project has never been done before. I fell in love with the uniqueness of the idea as well as the opportunity it gave me to let people have an up close and personal experience with my recording process. For instance, in the work tape of 'More Like Falling In Love', if you listen close you can hear my 4 year old boy, Gus, singing along with me (before he drops what must have been a Lego creation on the floor and yells, “dang!”), and in 'Jesus Use Me I'm Yours' you can hear a bit of a completely different version that I had been working on before abandoning it to try a fresh approach with my friend Matt Hammitt (of Sanctus Real)."

Jason has also started working on his new full length studio album which is expected to be released in September 2011. "I'm grateful to be teaming up again with Jason Ingram who helped bring 'Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue' to life and I'm already really excited about how it's all shaping up (though I'm also feverishly trying to write the last few songs!)".

'Song Cycles' Track Listing:
1. More Like Falling In Love (Worktape)
2. More Like Falling In Love (Demo)
3. More Like Falling In Love
4. More Like Falling In Love (Derek Webb Remix)
5. Blessed Be (Worktape)
6. Blessed Be (Demo)
7. Blessed Be
8. Blessed Be (Derek Webb Remix)
9. Jesus Use Me, I'm Yours (Worktape)
10. Jesus Use Me, I'm Yours (Demo)
11. Jesus Use Me, I'm Yours
12. Jesus Use Me, I'm Yours (Derek Webb Remix)
13. I Am New (Worktape)
14. I Am New (Demo)
15. I Am New
16. I Am New (Derek Webb Remix)

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