Matthew West - The Story Of Your Life
Last modified: 03 Nov 2010

Matthew West - The Story Of Your Life
Matthew West's fourth album, The Story Of Your Life is a brave, original, different and unique album.

Matthew has written songs based on real life stories from real life people, he received about ten thousand stories from ordinary people about events that had happened in their lives. Matthew read through all these stories and wrote songs based on them, and the aptly titled The Story Of Your Life is a collection of these songs.

The songs on this album will mean things to some people, but not others, it's a unique album, with songs that people will be able to make personal to them. I believe that Matthew is gifted from God not only as a musician but also in ministering to people through the lyrics in his songs.

Vocally, Matthew is on top form and musically too, it is well produced and flows. Lyrically I would say Matthew is one of the top song writers, and as I have said it's a talent from God, as God will use this album to really speak to people.

This album has really grown on me and I think it is one amazing album that has the potential to touch the hearts and lives of people that have been through or are going through similar situations to those Matthew is singing about. This is an album of healing and of encouragement.

Review by Rich Smith

Stand out tracks:
One Less
The Reason For The World
The Healing Has Begun
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