LZ7 - This Little Light - Single
Last modified: 27 Sep 2010

LZ7 - This Little Light - Single
Sometimes when you hear a song, you know from the first few beats that it’s going to be a hit, this is the impact that the amazing new single ‘This Little Light’ by LZ7 had on me.

The single is a hip hop recording of the 1920’s gospel children’s song, but recorded by the amazing LZ7 who have added there own twist on this classic track. The video to this single has already become an internet sensation with over 140,000 hits to date.

LZ7 are lead vocalist Lindz, drummer Rob, singer Nic and dancer/singer Nana they have been described as a mix between Dizzee Rascal and The Beastie Boys. The band released their second album ‘Gasoline’ in 2008 and are in the process of preparing to releases there latest album ‘Light’ in October which we at LTTM are very excited about.

I personally love this song, and have already put it on repeat on my music player a few times, Lindz vocals and lyrics on this single are strong and amazing. I had the honor of seeing LZ7 sing this at a few events over the summer, and this is one band who know how to get the crowd going with there fast pace high energy live show.

This is one catchy song, that once you hear I know you will be singing all day, with it’s positive message that goes hand in hand with the Message Trust ‘Shine Your Light’ campaign, which is well worth checking out. This single is well worth a purchase as it’s not just a great tune, it has a positive message and is the a very catchy pop Hip Hop song. This Little Light is a great single from LZ7, which are making things look good for the new album which is out very soon.

Review by Jono Davies

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