John Ellis Releases Debut Solo Album 'Come Out Fighting'

Jun 28 2010

The former lead singer of South African band Tree63, John Ellis, has released his self-produced debut solo album. 'Come Out Fighting' is now available on CD from John's website and will be available to download from iTunes worldwide from 5th July.

The album features the first single 'Own Way Home', which is also available as a free download from John's website. Discussing other notable songs on the album in an exclusive interview with LTTM, John said: "I’d pick 'Government Song' as one of the strongest musical pieces I’ve produced, but then again so is 'Rebels'. I love the rock 'n roll of 'Rant', and the strumminess of 'The Unlucky One', 'Maybe (Just Maybe)' and 'Brace Yourself'. I think my personal journey over the last two or three years is really captured by 'Maybe (Just Maybe)'."

The album has been released on South African independent record label Broken Records and was recorded in Johannesburg and Durban in South Africa. On his decision to embark on a solo career as a singer-songwriter, John said: "It took a long while for it to sink in that I could be some sort of solo artist... Lyrically, I'm exploring themes that had no place in Tree63's world. I'm singing about South Africa and its politics, about depression and hope, there's a lot of wry comedy and a fair bit of ranting there. Musically, a lot more passion, excitement and inventiveness than those last few Tree63 records."

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