Satellites & Sirens Picked As MTV's 'Needle in the Haystack' This Week

Jun 21 2010

Nashville-based four-piece rock band Satellites & Sirens are being featured on the homepage all this week, starting 21st June 2010, as the 'Needle in the Haystack' spotlight artist of the week.

"This is big news for us, as this is yet another avenue for us to be able to get our music out to more and more people", said the band. "You'll be able to get a free download of 'Anchor', and you'll be able to watch our music videos."

The free download song 'Anchor' is taken from Satellites & Sirens' self-titled debut full length album, which the band released in March, combining the songs from their previous two short EPs. Continuing on a relentless touring schedule, Satellites & Sirens will be playing shows throughout the summer.

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