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Songs of Fellowship 100

May 12 2010

To thousands of churchgoers around the world, the name Songs of Fellowship is a very familiar one. As the song book of choice for many churches, it has been around for nearly two decades in various different editions, equipping the church with the words and music of all the essential hymns and worship songs they needed for their Sunday services.

As its name suggests, 'Songs Of Fellowship 100' contains 100 of the song book's most popular songs, both traditional and modern, spanning an impressive six CDs. If you're starting to worry that this is an album full of organ-led Thee's and Thou's, don't worry - it's not. The hymns are used sparingly, represented by classics like 'Amazing Grace', 'The Lord's My Shepherd' and 'Before The Throne Of God Above'.

The majority of the songs are what you might describe as middle ground. They were probably considered the modern songs of choice maybe 5 or 10 years ago. Matt Redman's 'The Heart Of Worship', 'Once Again' and 'Let Everything That Has Breath', Kevin Prosch's 'Show Your Power', Stuart Townend's 'How Deep The Fathers Love For Us' and 'In Christ Alone' and of course Tim Hughes' 'Here I Am To Worship'. They're all included, and rightly so, as some of the most important songs to shape the face of church music in recent times.

It's easy to dismiss a compilation like this as being just another collection of songs you've heard a hundred times before. But actually, when you start listening to this album you realise it covers practically every song that you've enjoyed singing in worship over the past 10 years. It is nothing short of the ultimate church album. I'd almost guarantee that every regular church attender will find something on this album that they both know and love. No doubt most people will also stumble on a few gems they'd forgotten about, or maybe even discover a great worship song they've never heard before.

Review by Dave Wood

LTTM Rating 3 out of 5 Stars
Standout Tracks
Here I Am To Worship
I Give You My Heart
The Heart Of Worship

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