MercyMe Release Highly Anticipated New Album 'The Generous Mr Lovewell'

May 05 2010

MercyMe released their sixth studio album 'The Generous Mr. Lovewell' yesterday, 4th May. The highly anticipated album includes the hit single 'All of Creation' and was produced by Brown Bannister and Dan Muckala.

The album title refers to a fictitious philanthropist the band have dreamt up. "He's an idea. He's a movement. He's the hope that the little things can add up to a big change", says the band. "He's what the Bible has already called us to do... love one another. Look for the best in people. Give people a chance regardless of status, race or gender. Mr. Lovewell is the understanding that the gospel is for everyone. Some may receive it, some may reject it, but, from where we're standing, all that should matter is that the Gospel applies to us all. Who are we to demand the outcome before we decide to contribute? Do we wait and tip the waitress only if she's done a great job? Or do we tip her even when she's having the worst day? That's what God's grace is... unconditional."

"It’s working the way we hoped it would", admits
MercyMe's lead singer Bart Millard. "People are taking the concept ten miles further down the road, trying to top each other’s random acts of generosity toward strangers, and leaving notes behind that say ‘courtesy of Mr. Lovewell.’ We want to see this become a movement that’s bigger than the record itself."

"It's one thing to be kind to someone, to be decent," Bart concludes. "But if we really believe we have this hope, then to stop short—to not be the hands and feet of Jesus—seems almost offensive. Our dream is for this album to inspire others to ‘pay it forward’ to the cross. It doesn’t have to be about major sacrifices. Just let your life become such that people know what you stand for."

MercyMe have promised that if the album debuts at Number 1 on the Billboard chart in the US, they will celebrate by giving away a never heard before bonus track.

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'The Generous Mr. Lovewell' Track Listing:
1. This Life
2. The Generous Mr. Lovewell
3. Move
4. Crazy Enough
5. All Of Creation
6. Beautiful
7. Back To You
8. Only You Remain
9. Free
10. Won't You Be My Love
11. So Called Love

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