Leslie Jordan Unveils New Single 'Great I Am'

Jun 10 2022

Leslie Jordan's name has become synonymous with meaningful and groundbreaking worship music. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter and worship leader unveils new songs, starting with first single 'Great I Am'. Her upcoming EP 'All That I Need To Know' releases on July 22nd.

'Great I Am' welcomes listeners into her space; one where songs become companions to those who embrace them wherever they may be at. The new single unfolds a universe of peaceful folk, where soft songs and strong messages are carried by Leslie Jordan’s clean and warm vocals. The new single was written in 2019 in YWAM Kona, Hawaii, where the artist collaborated with the local team to craft songs for their community. After appearing on YWAM Kona Music’s 2021 live album, 'Great I Am' quickly transcended its missionary context and stuck to Leslie for its simplicity and the way it reflects who God is, not just his greatness but his nature too.

With this new version of 'Great I Am', Leslie Jordan hopes to serve more people: "I believe in songs for the church, because church isn’t only on Sunday morning and Wednesday night. I think it's in the car with your kids. I think it's, at a funeral for someone that you've lost that you love deeply. I think it’s at the top of a mountain that you've climbed or in the valley you’ve laid down in," she concludes.

'Great I Am' marks a new beginning for Leslie Jordan, not only musically but as a safe and inspirational figure in the worship sphere.

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