We The Least Release 'Made You Too' Single

Jun 10 2022

'Made You Too,' a song by We The Least, a band comprised of singer/songwriters, goes for adds to Christian AC-formatted radio outlets. The song is from “Sundae Best,” We The Least’s second album and currently is available on all streaming platforms. A video for “Made You Too,” which was written by band member Michaela DeLong and produced by Nathaniel Dulski, is available on YouTube.

Michaela DeLong, who sings and plays keyboards, says the song was inspired by a friend’s Instagram post.

"The post basically talked about how we, as humans, look in awe at the things God has created: oceans, mountains, sunsets. Then the next second,” DeLong points out, “we turn and look at ourselves in disappointment. The Instagram quote ended with the phrase, ‘as if He didn’t create both.’ I instantly knew God had specifically allowed me to see that post.”

DeLong shares that she personally related to the message.

“I can sit and watch sunsets for hours, absolutely amazed by the colors God paints in the sky. I can hardly breathe looking at the most spectacular view at the top of a mountain. I truly connect with God through His creation. God has made a world that is indescribable. But we constantly forget that ‘He made us too!’ He made me. He made you.”

DeLong worked on “Made You Too” for three years as she processed the idea that, “just as the stars have a purpose, and the sun and the moon, each of us has a purpose too,” she says.

“The day I finished the chorus, I bawled my eyes out,” she shares, “because I truly believe God gave me the lyrics to encourage other people and to encourage myself.”

We The Least, comprised of Michaela DeLong, Nathanael DeLong, Noah DeLong and Dell May, took the 19th Annual Songwriter of the Year honors in a competition by ChristianSongwriting.com. The group released its first album in 2019, titled, “Screw It Up.”

The band members describe their music as 'indie country Christian' because they write in a variety of musical and lyrical styles, and are known for their creative use of three-part harmony. The band recently relocated from their hometown of Mendota, Illinois, to Nashville, Tennessee, to continue pursuing their music careers.

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