RichRel Returns With New Single 'New Eyez'

May 09 2022

RichRel returns with his new single 'New Eyez' on May 13. "We must ask for, receive and use New Eyes which come from purified inner motivations and desires that then reflect from us through our eyes and project onto how we see people, places and/or potential problems. New Eyes bring hope", he explains.

The journey of this song began when it was created over a year ago, recorded to 80% completion but RichRel stopped mid recording session as something wasn't “right”. Months later - tweaked, remixed and rewritten twice, he began the journey again to record this spiritual truth in song form.

Destiny and divine timing brought RichRel & Rickey2 (co-producing partner, studio engineer & kingdom brother) back together again for another special project! Using Pop, Hip-Hop & Gospel inspiration fused with his unique style, RichRel takes us on an exploration of seeing people, places, problems & life as a whole with 'New Eyez'... "see the beauty through this grind".

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