myfi Releases New Single 'The Word'

AdvertOct 28 2021

Sydney, Australia, based Christian band myfi have released their latest single, 'The Word'. The song was written and performed by multi-instrumentalists Guyeol Yoon and James J An.

Our Spirit is eternally worshiping God, and when our Body and Mind also worship him, we feel a strong synchronisation with the three. This unity feels like home, it feels right. My friends and I, myfi first formed in 2018, when cousins Guyeol Yoon and James J An decided to write and produce music together for the first time. Yoon and An started playing music together in their Church since 2006, back in their early high school years.

Fulfilling shared dreams and passions with friends, experiencing the journey with the ones you love, empowering one another, is what myfi is all about. Inspired by American and Japanese sounds and songwriters of the 60s and 70s, the fusion of band music, synthesisers, and authenticity are the frequencies that resonate with myfi.

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