Blog: What is Christian ambient music?

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Christian ambient music is a form of instrumental music that typically uses organic-sounding instruments and sounds, as well as occasional soft vocals, to foster the characteristic calming atmosphere of ambient music. It differentiates from the ‘pure’ ambient music genre as it is inspired by the artists’ faith, capturing a spirit of peace and tranquility, and creating a sense of ‘ambient worship’.

As someone who writes in this style of music (as Salt of the Sound) as well as representing other artists on our Echoes Blue Music record label, we have found that there is an important (and much needed) place for music that can provide a soundtrack to times of prayer and meditation, which is written from a place of faith.

In fact, one of our newest label releases, Liminal by Be Still the Earth, was composed in a similarly reflective and meditative fashion, Marshall Usinger (the artist) writing that “I found myself following the ebb and flow of each track, and as they started developing it was like a stream of consciousness as they came together; each one striking me emotionally in a new and exciting way.”

"I'm sat in a busy coffee shop, with the coffee machines making their noises, people buying their takeaway lattes, talking... yet when I pressed play on this album, I was transported to a more relaxed place. There's so much comfort, intrigue and, yes, ambience, to be found in this album. It is truly beautiful and stunning to listen to." LTTM Rating: LTTM Rating: 5/5 stars read review...

If you're intrigued by this, and would like to hear some Christian ambient music, please do check out Liminal, as well as some other beautiful releases including Godspeed by Dear Gravity, Deeper Still by We Dream of Eden, and Awake My Soul by Salt of the Sound.

We also curate a playlist of Christian Meditation music (available on all streaming platforms) that you might be interested in listening to.

Peace & love
Ben Tatlow
Salt of the Sound & Echoes Blue Music

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