Husband and Wife Duo Backstage Revival Release 'Gentle Whisper'

AdvertJul 19 2021

Husband and Wife duo Backstage Revival have released their new single 'Gentle Whisper', a heartfelt expression of what it feels like to earnestly seek God's voice, attentively listening to hear even the smallest whisper. 'Gentle Whisper' draws you in with a simple melody surrounded with atmospheric tones and a lush sonic landscape, reflecting both the mystery and serenity of God.

The lyrics echo the imagery of Elijah's encounter with God in the cave described in Kings 19:11-13, where Elijah is standing on the mountain waiting for the Lord to pass by. A powerful wind comes, followed by an earthquake, then a fire. But in a profound twist, it was the gentle whisper that followed which carried God's presence.

Backstage Revival is comprised of husband-and-wife singer/songwriters John and Anne Lazenby. This duo leads people into the presence of God through soulful Americana-style worship. Based in Southern California, John and Anne serve as worship leaders at a local Vineyard Community Church. Both John and Anne have been writing songs and leading worship since the early 1990's. When the songs that John and Anne had written in private devotion had spilled over into the public setting, it became apparent that there was a hunger for this type of authentic worship.

Eager to serve their community, the Lazenbys partnered with engineer Casey Corum, Director of Production and A&R of Vineyard Music, to produce their original music. The duo continues to release new singles following their debut March 2020 album release entitled "Backstage Revival." John and Anne have the full support of their congregation, pastors, and most importantly their four beautiful children who couldn’t be happier for their parents’ musical endeavors!

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