Manchester's Emma Mould Set To Release New Single 'You are Love'

Apr 27 2021

Manchester’s Christian soulful folk singer-songwriter Emma Mould is to release her first single of 2021 - 'You are Love'. The single is from her new upcoming album 'Exquisite', it drops on Friday 30th April 2021 and will be followed by a lyric video.

This ‘spiritual’ marks yet another release from Emma that eagerly shares a message of God's exquisite love. It is an uplifting guitar driven folk- meets - soul - meets - jazz production.

Produced by Manchester-based Dan Stirling, the album is a compilation of songs written to challenge the listener’s ideas of love, be the forgotten voice of women, and share Emma’s story.

Speaking about her latest single release - “I really wanted to take the listener on a musical and intimate journey through this album. These songs are an insight into a woman’s life in search of love, home and belonging. This single marks a turning point on the album, and in my own music expression, it has taken what seems a lifetime to live in a state of ‘love’ and ‘trust’, and to accept that I am totally absolutely loved by God is still a daily morphosis. This song carries a simple yet powerful life changing message that God is love and that we are loved”.

Often compared to the likes of Adele and Tracey Chapman, Emma Mould has been singing professionally since 2015 and has never looked back. She has since played at various venues across the city and has contributed on BBC Radio.

'You are Love’' will be available to download and stream on all major outlets including Spotify, Itunes, Google Play and others.

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