Husband and Wife duo Backstage Revival Release 'He Is Alive' In Time For Easter

Mar 31 2021

Backstage Revival, a worship duo comprised of husband-and-wife singer/songwriters John and Anne Lazenby, have released 'He Is Alive (Radio Version)' just in time for Easter 2021.

This song not only tells the story of Easter but was inspired by a desire to do more than just sing pretty "Hallelujahs" in response to this glorious event. It endeavors to capture the emotion and energy of truly wanting to shout from the rooftops in celebration of this absolute, unshakable, life-transforming, everlasting reality secured by the resurrection of Jesus.

Backstage Revival lead people into the presence of God through soulful Americana-style worship. Based in Yorba Linda, CA, they both serve as worship leaders at a local Vineyard Community Church and have been writing songs and leading worship since the early 1990s. When the songs that John and Anne had written in private spilled over into the public setting, it became apparent that there was a need for this type of authentic worship.

Eager to serve their community, the Lazenbys partnered with engineer Casey Corum to produce their original music. The duo has continued to release new singles following the March 2020 release of their 12-track debut album "Backstage Revival." John and Anne have the full support of their congregation, pastors, and most importantly their four beautiful children who couldn’t be happier for their parents’ musical endeavors!

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