Yemi Alafifuni Releases Timeless Masterpiece 'Behold The Lamb'

Feb 02 2021

Yemi Alafifuni is set to release a timeless masterpiece, 'Behold The Lamb' on February 5th, 2021. Inspired by a supernatural experience and a biblical event, Yemi has managed to create a cinematic, inspiring and simply timeless song that will connect you to realms you probably haven’t experienced before.

The journey to this song started when Yemi experienced a supernatural event sometime in 2017 at a personal retreat which left him with a hunger to see Jesus, face to face.

This event led him to search for answers and then he stumbled on the story recorded in Revelation 5 where an event in heaven was recorded by John, ‘the beloved’ about the Lamb of God. For months unending, Yemi studied this story and on February 15th, 2018, he began to write this song.

Yemi said; ‘We love to hear stories of people who claim they have seen angels or in fact seen Jesus. Whilst we should not concern ourselves with how the Lord conducts His business and why He chooses to appear to some and not others, I can’t help but wonder what I will do when I see Him. Would I be able to look into His eyes and would I remember those burning questions I desperately need answers to? We know that experiencing the supernatural is possible after all the apostles saw him ascending into heaven and in fact John ‘The Beloved’ experienced a conversation in heaven amongst others. In Yemi’s intense desire for an experience like this, he found that our Father is sovereign, and nothing happens just for fun. But if we look deep down into our hearts, we will find that we actually live in the supernatural and God’s love for us is real and tangible. Yet, there’s a hunger in us that only God can fulfil and so Yemi is praying for answers for all souls desiring a miracle, a touch from God or simply an assurance that He is with us especially in these unprecedented times.

Yemi had always loved classical music and its ability to draw on man’s inner strength. As a child, Yemi enjoyed cartoons and the musicals almost always fascinated him. He would do anything to see the likes of Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King and many others just for an opportunity to hear the orchestra music. In fact, he still enjoys cartoons today - much to the amusement of his wife and children. Yemi has followed his childhood soft spot for classical music to create this lovely symphony which many will find quite calming.

Yemi is praying that this song brings you ever so close to the throne like John and that you experience Him in ways only He can manifest.

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