Manchester's OTC Releasing 'I Win' Single

Sep 28 2020

OTC (outta the cage) is a Christ oriented rap and Afropop band, with references such as Gawvi, KB and Melvillous, and we exist purely to share the gospel through our music. They are the Message Trust’s latest missions band based at Message HQ in Manchester, UK, and will release their debut single 'I Win' on 30th October 2020.

OTC’s afro vibe, honouring member James Koroma’s sierra leonean heritage, meets rapper Aidan’s south east London drill background, to create a truly exciting, new sound. Top this off with lead singer Gina’s love for female divas, such as Arianna Grande and Taylor swift, and you have OTC.

Aidan was radically transformed and left a life of drug abuse and dealing to follow God and James left Sierra Leone as a refugee to move to Gambia at the age of 10 before meeting Jesus in a dream.

The track ‘I Win’ itself emphasises how during life’s battles, our advantage as Christians is to involve Jesus and trust that he’s already won on our behalf. The hard hitting, catchy hook, is sure to stick with listeners for weeks, encouraging them all the way, and the individuality of each verse means the track truly showcases each band members skill and testimony.

"As a Message Trust missions band, we’re sent out on the ‘higher tour’ alongside Brightline, Amongst Wolves and SoulBox to perform to young people across the nation and share the gospel with them. We have also performed with both socialbeingz and vital signs during events such as the Manchester no more knives tour, as well as working closely in the studio with all these bands to help write, create and record our material."

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