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Gospel singer-songwriter Gareth Hides releases his second album, 'Rescue', on 20th September. The
latest offering features 10 brand new tracks and was recorded mostly in Lviv, Western Ukraine at Fonia Records.

Gareth has a passion to communicate the message of the Good News of Jesus through the songs he writes, which comes through with bold and urgent lyrics.

Rescue features a blend of different styles, more piano-driven Pop-Rock than Gareth’s previous offerings, though there is still room for some folk influence. The lead single from the album and the ninth track, Send...
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Singer/Songriter Gareth Hides Releases 'We Will See' EP
Feb 26 2018

Singer/Songriter Gareth Hides Releases 'We Will See' EP

Gareth Hides, a Gospel singer-songwriter based in London, UK, has just released his new EP called 'We Will See'. The release features four brand new songs, Hideaway, Valley of Decision, Blessed Assurance and Within a Yard of…


Gareth Hides - All The People
Jan 30 2015

Gareth Hides - All The People

London-based singer/songwriter Gareth Hides has released his debut album 'All The People'. The new record, which features eleven brand new tracks, was launched at a special concert at Ealing Town Hall in West London. Born in…

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