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Yes, life might be falling apart. The temptation to succumb to despair, depression and panic can be real. Even for Christ-followers, we still face troubles. Someday, we knowor at least want to believe that things will change, and we’ll find joy. But why not choose to make that day... today?

Jeremiah Carlson’s entire life changed when he stopped waiting for something or someone to help him fight his emotional and spiritual turmoil and accepted that those battles going on in his head and heart had been won already.

“I was laying in bed with pneumonia one night with my world...
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The Neverclaim
Jul 20 2015

The Neverclaim

Portland based band The Neverclaim have just released their new album 'The Joy'. LTTM caught up with the group to find out more about the fan-driven, PledgeMusic funded release, and a little more about what makes them tick.…


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