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Amie Aitken will release a new single this month to help support the work of Home For Good - a Christian charity which aims to make fostering and adoption a significant part of the life and ministry of churches in the UK.

The upbeat, catchy pop track, written by Scottish artist Amie Aitken, is a lyrical glimpse into the life of fostering and adoptive families. Inspired by her own connection with local foster families, Amie wrote the song to perform on the Home For Good Tour in 2014 and it was later recorded at Foundry...
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One To Watch: Amie Aitken
Oct 08 2014

One To Watch: Amie Aitken

Welcome to the first in our new series called 'One To Watch'. This month we look at the talented singer Amie Aitken. With some fabulous shoes to wear and many professional plates to spin, there is so much more to Amie Aitken…


Amie Aitken - Audience Of One
Nov 05 2013

Amie Aitken - Audience Of One

We love to champion new music on LTTM, so please let me introduce to you Amie Aitken. This talented songwriter has released her first fan funded EP titled 'Audience of One'. 
Influenced by artists such as Jimmy Needham, Sara…

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