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Surrey-based worship songwriter Tim Brown released his debut album 'Focus Of Eternity' recently and now follows up with a new single 'Risen King'. This new Easter hymn is so good we wanted to give you the chance to hear it - so we're offering it as a FREE download! Read on to find out more about this fascinating songwriter.

For those who haven't heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved in making music?

Hi! I am married to Jemily and we have a little girl called Mayana, two distinct sounding names...
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Free Song Download
LTTM brings you a free download of
Tim Brown's song 'Risen King'.
Song download courtesy of Tim Brown Music.
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Tell us more about that new Easter hymn 'Risen King'

For me the Church Calendar is all about Easter and I love the celebration that is Easter Sunday. I wanted to write a song that encouraged the congregation to sing out the truth the Jesus is Risen and Alive. I wrote the chorus in about 5 minutes walking back from a restaurant and sung it into my phone so that I would remember it. I had the chorus and the bridge sorted very quickly but it took a while to write the verses. I like how the verses talk through the resurrection story from Jesus on the cross to Jesus standing in glory. You can't sing it quietly!

What's your song writing process?

My wife would say I get distracted easily... I would say I get inspired quickly. I often get little nuggets for part of a song at the strangest times, it might be a lyric that I build out of something I have heard or it might be a little musical run that I like. I have a book full of these little nuggets that I come back to when I try to finish the song. I also try and record the initial snippet so I don't forget the melody. I recently wrote the middle 8 of a new song at ten to 2 in the morning after watching Batman on the big screen, singing in the car at the top of my voice at traffic lights using the steering wheel as a drum. Good job no one was watching!

If you could work with any song writer, who would it be and why?

It would have to be David Crowder, I love his combination of the beautifully crafted poetic language with some of the most creative sounds I have ever heard. Any worship leader that can use the sound of the Manchester United Crowd in the midst of a live worship set deserves huge respect in my opinion.

In your opinion, what makes the perfect worship song?

It has to paint a big picture of who God is. It has to point to God and be about Him and to Him. It has to be about His Glory and Grace and if I am honest it has to be easily playable in G!

You're stuck on an island, it's hot, you only have enough battery life left to listen to one song on your mp3 player. What track is it?

I am going to go with an old classic that I used to love as a kid, used to sing it whilst doing the washing up with my Dad but also stands strong today. The song Majesty by Jack Hayford would be my ideal track, but a really long version!

What does the next year hold for Tim Brown?

I have a few songs that I would love to finish and bring to the church, I would love to see Focus of Eternity bless the wider church and see the songs bless people and point them to God.

Find out more at TimBrownMusic.co.uk


Tim Brown - Focus Of Eternity
Apr 24 2013

Tim Brown - Focus Of Eternity

You might have heard of Tim Brown when we gave away his Easter single Risen King on LTTM as a free download. Now he has released a mini album titled 'Focus Of Eternity' where that track also appears. 

Tim is based in…

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