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As he releases his first solo album, 'The Way Through The Land', former BOSH frontman Dave Griffiths talks to LTTM about stepping out on his own, song writing and the future of his other project, Chaos Curb.

Many people will know you from the band Bosh - tell us what you've been up to since the band finished and why you've decided to release a solo EP?

BOSH stopped in September 2011. I say stopped because we didn't split up; we downed tools. We may pick them up again sometime, who knows?! The band was built around my brother Mike (drums) and...
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Song by Song: Dave Griffiths - The Way Through The Land
Apr 03 2013

Song by Song: Dave Griffiths - The Way Through The Land

The man behind Chaos Curb and Bosh, Dave Griffiths, writes this guest blog for LTTM taking us through each song on his new solo album, 'The Way Through The Land'. This EP is a collection of songs with a connecting theme. They…



Dave Griffiths - Here & Now
Apr 11 2016

Dave Griffiths - Here & Now

So here we have Dave Griffiths’ eagerly awaited debut full solo album. Listed in Premier Christianity’s “33 under 33” influential Christians of 2015, Dave is a big hulk of a man, size 15 boot, tweed jacket, a beard you…

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