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Inpop Records has announced the release of V. Rose's "Hearts Up" EP on October 30th.

"From the moment we first met with V. we knew she was special", said the label. "She has spent the past few years primarily in the Christian Hip-Hop space and some of you know her from there.

At Inpop we believe the dynamics of Christian music are changing. Fewer and fewer artists are engaging youth culture as it is admittedly a tough road but that is what is special about Christian hip-hop and what is special about V. Her music connects immediately with...
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V.Rose - The Electro-Pop Deluxe
May 15 2013

V.Rose - The Electro-Pop Deluxe

The Electro Pop Deluxe is a re-release of V.Rose, the brilliant self-titled debut album, and contains six extra tracks. The extra tracks have been added after V. Rose spent some time visiting different cities and seeing that…

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