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The UK's Elim Sound have just released a new album celebrating a centenary of Elim's rich musical heritage. LTTM spoke to some of the worship leaders involved in this unique project to bring new life to much loved Elim Hymns and write inspirational brand new songs.

Tell us a little bit about the new album 'Elim 100'?

Elim Sound isn’t a band, it serves as the musical worship department for The Elim Pentecostal Church and is led by a Core Team that includes; Sam Blake, Stephen Gibson, Joel Pridmore and Ian Yates.

The Elim Movement is 100 years old this year. The movement...
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Elim Sound - 100
May 04 2015

Elim Sound - 100

We extend a warm welcome to you to Elim today. If this is your first visit here, and you thought it was all hymn books, dusty pianos and dangerously strung acoustic guitars then please address that opinion immediately. To help…

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