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With over 11 million units in career sales and six GRAMMY awards, TobyMac shows no signs of slowing down as he delivers a deeply personal record that celebrates the richness that comes from collaboration, diversity and vulnerability. Drawing directly from his faith in God and personal experience, This Is Not A Test is an essential reminder that we only have one shot at life.

“What hits me now more than ever is that you really don’t get a practice run at life,” explains Toby. “This is it. In my friendships, raising my children, loving my wife, loving people, performing with...
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Feb 01 2010


Kevin Michael McKeehan also know to us as TobyMac was born in Virginia and is best known for being one third of mega band DC Talk from 1989 until their departure in 2000. DC Talk produced some of the most popular albums of the…



Multi-Platinum Selling TobyMac Releases 'The Elements'
Oct 12 2018

Multi-Platinum Selling TobyMac Releases 'The Elements'

TobyMac unveiled The Elements today, marking a brand new 11 track album that is one of his most personal offerings to date. Aiming to give fans the first listen, TobyMac traveled across the country this week premiering the record…


TobyMac - Hits Deep Live
Jan 09 2017

TobyMac - Hits Deep Live

I don't know TobyMac's back catalogue as well as other bands. That's not to say I came to this album as a novice, I just don't play his albums on a regular basis. Yet whenever I have listened to his music, I have loved it. It…


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