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Beth Croft is a regular worship leader at the Soul Survivor festival, and contributor to their live albums. We caught up with Beth to get her thoughts on worship music and what it takes to be a worship leader.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what your day job is?

I'm currently the worship director at Soul Survivor UK. So I spend a chunk of my time leading worship at different events around the UK, the main one being our summer festivals during July/August each year. I also spend time pastoring the worship team in our...
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Beth Croft - Rule In My Heart
Aug 18 2014

Beth Croft - Rule In My Heart

Beth Croft has been leading worship at the Soul Survivor summer conferences for a number of years and has featured on their live albums. But now she has released her debut solo album 'Rule In My Heart'. This album is full of…

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