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The Psalm Drummers are holding a special event for drummers and percussionists called 'Heart to Drum 2010' on 9th October 2010, in Colchester, Essex, UK. Featuring top players from both the Christian and mainstream music scene, the event will include demonstrations, master classes, tips and techniques and all inclusive playing.

Respected participants include former Delirious? drummer Stew Smith, Jerry Brown (Girls Aloud, Will Young, Tina Turner, Ms Dynamite, Courtney Pine, Jamelia), Raul D'Oliveira (Elton John, Wham!, Mike Oldfield, Graham Kendrick) and Henry George (Ichthus, Godfrey Birtill, Graham Kendrick).

"Come, play, pray and let's worship our God together!", say the organisers. "You are...
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Best Of Psalm Drummers To Feature Tim Hughes And Stu G
Feb 22 2010

Best Of Psalm Drummers To Feature Tim Hughes And Stu G

The Psalm Drummers will release a Best Of album titled 'Dreambeat' on 19th April featuring the very best of their first three albums. The CD features Tim Hughes on the track 'Rhythms of Fire' and former Delirious guitarist Stu G…


Psalm Drummers - Best of Psalm Drummers
Apr 05 2010

Psalm Drummers - Best of Psalm Drummers

The Psalm Drummers have been beating their drums for the last decade, adding their big beats and rhythmic groove in times of worship around the world. Now the group have come to release The Best of Psalm Drummers with 15 of their…

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