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Singer/songwriter Jadon Lavik has released his fifth studio album 'Art And Soul', featuring the new single 'Shine'. The album sees Jadon writing and self-producing congregational worship songs combined with intimate life stories. Showcasing his trademark vocals and acoustic-driven style through an array of songs, 'Art And Soul' draws on inspiration from Jadon's life as a husband, father and pastor.

"I think the album title speaks well to where I find myself as an artist: balancing my music between the Christian music world and the Church. The truth is, I have a heart for both and recognize that I value and enjoy...
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Jadon Lavik - The Road
Nov 20 2009

Jadon Lavik - The Road

I've written a lot of reviews recently for albums featuring acoustic bonus tracks and my comments have usually been that they aren't acoustic enough. So Jadon Lavik's 'The Road' had quite a gap to fill and high expectations to…

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