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Louder Than The Music have managed to catch up with the wonderful new girl group "COLMANblue". They are, Chrissy Katina and Kristin Schweain (formerly of Zoegirl), and Kelli Trontell (Top American Idol Songwriter/2007). Their musical tastes range from Pop and R&B to Folk and Country, which makes up the sound of COLMANblue. The band are getting ready for the release of their first single and we have been lucky enough to speak to them about their future, Zoegirl and being a role model to young Christians.

For people who don't know much about COLMANblue, can you tell us a bit about...
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Former ZOEgirls Form COLMANblue / Free Download
Jun 16 2009

Former ZOEgirls Form COLMANblue / Free Download

Former ZOEgirl members Kristin Swinford-Schweain and Chrissy Conway Katina have joined together with Kelli Trontell to form new band COLMANblue. They have been working on new music for over a year now and have just released their…

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