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Seattle-based rock band Emery are planning to record their seventh album, and have once again launched a crowd funding campaign to fund it. The album is planned for release this Autumn and fans can choose from a variety of unique and fun backer incentives, including early previews from Aaron Lunsford book on the band, acoustic versions of classic songs and more.

"It's hard to believe how much we still love making music", said the band. "Despite the years going by, it's never gotten old. Ever since we left our label 4 years ago, partnering with you...
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Emery -In The Shallow Seas We Sail
Jun 06 2009

Emery -In The Shallow Seas We Sail

Emery were formed in 2001 in Rock Hill, South Carolina but moved as a band to Seattle to find a better musical environment. The band are Toby Morrell (vocals), Devin Shelton (vocals, bass, guitar) Matt Carter (guitar, vocals)…

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