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Carly Paoli released her debut album 'Singing My Dreams' earlier this year. It heralds the entry of a young classically trained artist who has already made headlines with her exquisite emotional and dramatic singing. LTTM caught up with her to find out a little more.

Tell us a little bit about this new album Singing My Dreams?

I’m so proud of my debut album ‘Singing My Dreams.’ It’s a really exciting time for me. We’ve been working towards this album for three years, and I suppose it’s unique in the sense that most of the songs have been performed live prior to...
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Carly Paoli - Singing My Dream
Jul 03 2017

Carly Paoli - Singing My Dream

There is something magical about hearing a good theatrical/classical singer. Carly Paoli is that kind of singer. The moment her album Singing My Dreams started, I was swept away into a different place. Now I don't usually turn…

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