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The Darn Funk Orchestra have released their long overdue debut album 'Soul Food' featuring all original material straight out of their fun and funky live sets.

Their music is hard to define as it features elements of funk, rock, jazz, soul and ska performed by a stunning horn section, a tight rhythm section and juicy guitars who all combine to deliver catchy grooves and colourful arrangements - what the band dub ‘Darn good songs’.

The Darn Funk Orchestra, as both a band and music project, began back in 2006. It was the brainchild and long held dream of professional drummer James...
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The Darn Funk Orchestra - Soul Food
Feb 24 2016

The Darn Funk Orchestra - Soul Food

'Soul Food' is the debut album from The Dark Funk Orchestra, and opening track 'Salvation Shoes' quickly introduces the band. With their funk jazz style sound, full of fabulous brass, groovy beats, and laid back vocals, this is a…

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