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Christian rock music staple, Pillar, is releasing their first album in six years. The new album, One Love Revolution, was made possible through the support of their loyal fanbase, and is scheduled to release physically through Lifeway on August 18th with a digital release to follow on August 21st.

“Making this record was not only humbling just to have another opportunity, but it was an honor. An honor to regroup and put together our best effort to date,” shares frontman Rob Beckley, “We had a purpose beyond a career. It was about inspiring people to know Christ better and...
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Win Pillar's 'Confessions' CD
Jan 25 2010

Win Pillar's 'Confessions' CD

US rockers Pillar released their sixth studio album Confessions last year, delivering a message of unity and commitment. With a few changes to the band line up, 'Confessions' brings a whole new sound from Pillar, described in…



Pillar - Confessions
Oct 16 2009

Pillar - Confessions

Pillar: S: (n) column, pillar ((architecture) a tall vertical cylindrical structure standing upright and used to support a structure). Interesting band name; although in fairness I'm probably the last person who can say anything…

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